india pale ale

Elephant Rock is a massive sandstone formation imposing itself above the wilderness near Palmer Lake. It’s a wild, natural wonder and a rewarding sight for those who venture to find it.

Our American IPA has a bold, commanding spirit worthy of the local landmark. Over two pounds per barrel of late-addition hops give Elephant Rock its resinous pine and bright citrus profile. It’s monumental flavor worth discovering.

pine and citrus hop profile 7.7% alc. by vol og 17 fg 3

Red Ale

On a clear day, the view from the lookout tower atop Devils Head extends for hundreds of miles. It’s from this highest peak in the Rampart Range that they’ve been spotting forest fires for nearly a century.

This red ale is dedicated to those vigilant rangers keeping folks out of danger. It sports a fiery hue with a sweet toffee aroma and a palate full of caramel, cedar and toasty malt. Good eyes! You’ve spotted a great sip.

caramel, bread & citrus hop 7.3% alc. by vol og fg

Belgian Golden Strong Ale

In 1859, they were shouting Pikes Peak or Bust! During one of America’s greatest gold rushes, thousands of prospectors used the mountain as a beacon, guiding them across the Great Plains to their fortunes.

Our Gold Rush is a full-flavored Belgian-inspired ale with notes of honey, clove and baking spice. Dig in and enjoy it, you’ve hit the mother lode.

classic belgian yeast flavor 8.7% alc. by vol og fg

Experimental IPA

Named for the 38 keystones that adorn the arched windows of the 1903 El Paso County courthouse, now home to the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. At first glance each of these American Indian sculptures appear to be the same, but at closer inspection they each have their own unique personality and character.

Each Cotopaxi lava rock face is adorned with ornamentation ranging from ample leaves to rose buds to stylized fruit.
Sharing a common heritage but expressing an individual personality, each sculpture expresses its individual personality. Every edition of this IPA is similarly unique. Each edition will be crafted using a common malt backbone while highlighting a new and different flavor through the varied use of hops, ingredients, yeast or processes - bringing a unique face to the traditional IPA.

Edition No. 1: Blood Orange
Edition No. 2: Pineapple Milkshake

Varies 6.2 alc. by vol og fg